Cardiovascular Surgery

KLS Martin offers a wide range of standard and special surgical instruments for cardiovascular surgery. A new catalog is currently being created that will contain more than 800 new products. All products are designed on the basis of state-of-the-art techniques. Of course, all instruments can also be viewed in our online catalog. Using the integrated bookmark list, you can request a quote at any time.

The revolutionary sternum brace of biocompatible titanium holds the sternum together by providing direct and stable support without penetrating bone tissue. Owing to its design, the forces acting on the system are distributed across a large surface area, which represents a particular advantage in the treatment of risk patients. Moreover, the system is also ideally suited for reconstructive procedures.

In addition to instruments and implants, KLS Martin boasts MicroStop®, the most advanced sterile container system available that involves no follow-up costs. State-of-the-art electrosurgical units, medical lasers, ceiling mounts and surgical lights make it possible to fully equip a complete cardiovascular surgery operating room. Ask us about it.