Thoracic Surgery

With the introduction of the new diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser Limax®, surgeons have a laser device at their disposal that combines the outstanding beam quality of solid-state lasers with an extremely high output power for increased efficiency and a wavelength that is optimized specifically for parenchymal tissue.

In recent years, laser technology with a wavelength of 1,318 nm has established itself particularly for resection of multiple metastases. The optimum coefficient of water and hemoglobin absorption, which only occurs in this form at a wavelength of 1,318 nm, allows for ideal cutting, coagulating and sealing of parenchymal tissue.

Besides its clinical advantages, the use of laser technology has also proven its worth from an economic point of view. Great savings in the area of consumables and an increase in the number of operable patients make laser technology highly promising from an economic standpoint.