KLS Martin | Surgical innovation fueled by passion. Ever since 1923.

There’s nothing we’re not up to.
Except resting on our oars.

Innovative, investment-minded, growth-oriented: all of these epithets apply to KLS Martin, a group of medium-sized companies focused on the development of comprehensive medical-technical problem solutions in close collaboration with users – solutions that offer a unique combination of innovativeness and practical adequacy highly appreciated by surgeons and medical staff alike. Most importantly, however, they benefit patients by restoring their health.

Once upon a time …
… there were seven smart Swabians.

The economic crisis helped to make it happen. In 1923, Germany was in the grip of hyperinflation, so hard currency that didn’t devalue could be earned only abroad. However, export required an enterprise of sufficient size. To overcome this obstacle, seven Tuttlingen companies – competitors in the market – decided to join forces, thus founding the Gebrüder Martin sales organization.

The capital of medical technology.
Sales partners and distribution.

KLS Martin earns roughly 75 percent of its proceeds in foreign markets, roughly two thirds of this share in Europe. The Group is represented in the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Dubai/UAE, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, France and The Netherlands, either by its own subsidiaries or through partner companies. Our Tuttlingen Logistics Center services specialized dealers in more than 140 countries all over the world. The Center in figures: 50,000 storage locations, over 2,000 order items per day, 95% availability.


16,000 successful operations.
Products “Made in Germany”.

With its comprehensive, user-focused product portfolio, KLS Martin sees itself as your partner in the OR and the Central Sterile Supply Department. Our product range comprises more than 16,000 instruments and devices, plus surgical and comprehensive services. The name of KLS Martin stands for high-quality, innovative medical technology. Our special strengths are in cranio-maxillofacial surgery, hand surgery, HF surgery and operating lights. Many of our products are market leaders. The drivers of this success are no secret: innovative research & development, highly advanced manufacturing facilities and an internationally operating sales organization. But most prominently, our products are all “Made in Germany”.
Put to the real test.
We’re our own severest critics.

At KLS Martin, all processes and operations – from R&D all the way to the after-sales service – are governed by a comprehensive quality management system complying with international standards (DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 9001) and the European Medical Device Directive. Important national regulations have been integrated as well, e.g. those of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Canadian legislation. All of our products and their materials are thoroughly tested in our in-house lab, which allows the sumulation of even the most extreme processing conditions.

Core values sustained:
social responsibility, resource conservation and environmental compatibility.

The respectful treatment of people, society and the environment has always been a matter of course to us. By design, most of our products can be recycled and used over many years, thus saving resources and reducing waste. Environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials are used also for our production processes, and energy and water consumption monitoring is a top priority as well. A case in point: our largest manufacturing site includes a heat recovery plant for efficient energy utilization. These and many other measures are clear evidence of our environmental commitment.

The Staff

Passion – the hallmark of all KLS Martin employees.
Whatever language they speak.

More than 1100 people work for KLS Martin on a global scale, 220 of them as members of our sales organization and roughly 60 in our R&D divisions. Depending on the field of activity, many of them are highly qualified individuals who are very passionate about their work. No less international than the Group itself are its employees, who communicate with each other mainly in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Operation “Training”.
Welcome to the future.

KLS Martin offers qualified training and interesting perspectives to active young people with a desire to learn and make the most of their professional future, either in the technical or commercial field. Apprentices and trainees are highly valued at KLS Martin because we will depend on their knowledge, skills and qualifications in the international markets of the future.

Always up-to-date.
Trade fairs and events.

Year after year, KLS Martin participates in more than 300 trade fairs and events all over the world – many of them organized by us. A list of the most important events is always available to you on our homepage.