Research and Development of new products

More than 30 engineers and development specialists are constantly involved in the implementation of new projects and the improvement of existing products.

They have the most advanced 3D CAD plus powerful prototype building tools at their disposal. The 3D Solid Imaging System allows them to create specific precision models on the basis of design drawings. Stereolithographic models are used to optimize patient-specific implants.

Close collaboration with medical experts

Typically, KLS Martin products are developed in close collaboration with medical experts from all over the world. Our joint interest is to develop simpler, faster, better and more patient-friendly techniques. In other words, our focus is less on individual instruments, and more on perfect procedures.

A good example for such a successful collaboration between medical specialists and KLS Martin is our close cooperation with the S.O.R.G. (Strasbourg Osteosynthesis Research Group).

The group was founded in 1988 by several leading specialists with the goal to establish the mini-plate osteosynthesis as the worldwide “golden standard”. This goal has been reached in cooperation with KLS Martin as the industrial partner. The group is now dealing with other path-breaking issues, thus continuing to make important contributions to the progress of medicine.