New training and exhibition center in Tuttlingen

Progress in surgery depends on the exchange of ideas. And we have created a place for it to happen: KLS Martin WORLD.

With the new training and exhibition center KLS Martin have created more than just an additional opportunity for showcasing products and customer consultation. We invite our customers to mutual dialog and transfer of knowledge. KLS Martin WORLD creates the setting for new ideas and innovations as well as the basis for training our customers at a high level.


Room for knowledge transfer, training and further education

Where does KLS Martin originate from? How has the company developed? What are the company‘s values and what are its innovations? Our exhibition gives an impression of this, while at the same time providing an impressive cross-section of medical engineering history. 

The training and exhibition center is equipped with everything that makes up state-of-the-art medical technology. The exhibition area is housed on 350 square meters and highlights the product diversity with exhibits from the latest product generations. 


The modular operating theatre is at the center of the exhibition. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology from KLS Martin and our partners, it gives an impression of how a future-oriented, integrated operating theatre could be designed.


The centerpiece of the building: our auditorium. With room for up to 100 guests. Fitted with state-of-the-art media technology - perfect for live broadcasts from operating theaters, or for concerts, but mainly for presentations and training.

Workshop and advice

Everything a surgeon dreams of has been integrated in the KLS Martin WORLD - from a fully equipped operating theatre to three workshop and five conference rooms for all manner of practice-oriented training and conferences. And not to forget, the cleaning and sterilization unit.

Be it meetings, trainings, seminars or practical sessions – if you cannot attend in person you will be connected live via video conferencing using the latest media technology.

Reception and cafeteria

We had the ceilings designed especially high to create more room for your big ideas. The reception, cafeteria and lounges are designed open, friendly and generously –with inviting corners for an informal exchange at all levels.


Photography: Thomas Hansmann, Brigida González, Atelier Brückner /Daniel Stauch