We congratulate!

Students and pupils of the Student Research Center have again defended their reputation as young inventors on the exhibition of inventions (called iENA) in Nürnberg. Michelle Sommer (Student), Elijas Schüz (Grammar School Trossingen) und Bernadette Szasz (Grammar School Spaichingen) have won a Goldmedal with their novel App „Dont Spy-Software“ who protects against attacks on encrypted messages. Lukas Ruf (Grammar School Rottweil) und Mai Saito (Grammar School Trossingen) have won  Silvermedal with their Invention  to remove drug residues from sewage water by means of magnetic particles. Another Goldmedal was awarded to Marcel Fiderer and Elias Hummel for their invention of a swarmrobot.  

As a sponsor of these young people, we look forward to their success and congratulations!

In order to improve human lives in the future with our surgical solutions, ingenuity plays a major role in our company. Since we are always on the lookout for resourceful offspring, it is important to us to support the activities of the SFZ. These young inventors have optimal conditions to be able to sniff inventor's air early.