KLS Martin Group: Vocational training to high standards

KLS Martin Group is a large group of companies in the field of medical technology with a global network of specialist sales partners. Branches in the world's most important markets offer all-round services for the benefit of local trading partners and users alike.

Optimum setup for good international training

KLS Martin L.P. in Jacksonville 

KLS Martin Group has branches in the USA, China, Japan, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. In view of its structure, KLS Martin Group has the best possible prerequisites for giving young people sound training in an international context. Speaking a foreign language is of course just one important factor.

The weekly classes for trainees supplement the practical experience they gain working in the various departments. Talks by external speakers provide deeper insights into specific issues such as economic cycles, social insurance, etc.

Lasting importance of training at all stages

The excellent vocational training provided at Gebrüder Martin is also reflected in the numerous prizes and commendations awarded to its trainees. The company regularly rewards an apprentice's good performance by offering a permanent job as well: many of the current staff were initially trained at the company, and it is on the strength of their skills and know-how that they have reached their present positions. Both initial vocational training and further specialist qualifications never cease to play a vital role - because it is only the very best highly skilled and motivated staff who will be able to meet customers' ever-increasing demands in future.