marCore® | Instruments for minimally invasive cardiac surgery

We are pleased to introduce our new minimally invasive marCore® instruments intended for use in cardiac valve surgery.

Precision combined with a unique design

In minimally invasive cardiac surgery, every movementof the hand must be right. All the steps of the surgicalprocedure are planned meticulously and carried outwith utmost precision and care. The patient and his/hersafety are the focus of every operation. Our marCore®instruments are intended to help you achieve the bestpossible results in your efforts to impact the lives of yourpatients for the better.

Minimally invasive surgery requires special skill, precisionand a sure hand. This is particularly true for reconstructingor replacing cardiac valves. The hallmarks of surgeonsare precision and diligence. With our newly developedmarCore® instruments, we respond to this need by placingexactly the right instruments into your hands.

Developed in close collaboration with leading Germancardiac centers, these instruments ensure optimal handlingboth during and after the operation thanks to their uniqueproperties and excellent workmanship. Experience theperfection afforded by our new marCore® instruments!

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