04/2017 | KLS Martin App | CMF Implants

The KLS Martin app for our CMF surgery implants is available for download with immediate effect from the App Store and from the Google Play Store.

02/2017 | iF Design Award 2017 | marSeal5 plus

We are delighted to announce that KLS Martin has been awarded the internationally renowned iF Design Award 2017 for marSeal5 plus.The most important criteria for the jury in selecting the winner of the award were:
ergonomics, design, innovation and sustainability.
We are confident that this design prize will be an important element in the successful marketing of the marSeal5 plus instrument.

02/2017 | KLS Martin App | Energy Devices (ED)

We are delighted to present the new KLS Martin Energy Devices (ED) app.
This app contains all important information on our products from the fields of electrosurgery and medical laser systems. As a result, it provides you with all the
information you need for routine sales tasks quickly and easily.The app includes German, English and Spanish versions, and is available for Android and

11/2016 | marSeal 5 plus | A new dimension in intelligent vessel sealing!

marSeal 5 plus is the second generation of bipolar sealing instruments from KLS Martin. It has been systematically refined and tailored to meet the needs of users in terms of ergonomics and the ease with which it can be cleaned and taken apart. As it can be re-used, the instrument offers huge cost benefits over a disposable instrument.

The disposable proportion of the instrument has been reduced to an absolute minimum. Only the blade for cutting the tissue is a disposable item. All other product components can be processed for reuse.

11/2016 | smartLap | A clear view and maximum safety in the operating area – smoke is a thing of the past!

The new high-quality and high-performance smartLap electrodes for laparoscopy have an integrated duct for fume extraction. Interfering smoke that obstructs the surgeon's view is quickly and effectively extracted from the site at which it is generated.

11/2016 | maxium® White Edition | the innovative system for HF surgery

The maxium® White Edition- now featuring a new, future- oriented look with proven innovative technology!
Innovative symbiosis of the latest high frequency technology with a host of user-friendly benefits. The "high-end reference" in multifunctional electrosurgery.

11/2016 |maxium® smart Vac | Reliable and innovative protection

When using HF surgery devices and laser systems, it is usually impossible to avoid the creation of toxic gases containing viruses, particles or cancerogenic substances.

Responding to the increasing demand for plume-removing devices in recent years, KLS Martin developed its marVAC® smoke evacuator. marVAC® offers reliable and effective protection as surgical plume is removed directly from the operating site and then filtered and discharged.

11/2016 |maxium® smart Cart | Modularity for boundless individuality

maXium®, maXium® Beamer and maXium® smart Cart. Together they form the firstclass system for open and endoscopic argon plasma surgery.
The maXium® smart Cart exhibits a compact and ergonomic design to securely accommodate the entire equipment.