The new Flap Fix Kit for Neurosurgery

The sterile Flap Fix Kit consists of three low-profile 2-hole plates and six self-drilling 1.5-mm maxDrive® screws with a length of 4 mm. Thanks to combining a proven plate design with a perfect screw, this kit is simply ideal for easy and stable fixation of cranial bone caps and fractures.

With its double sterile packaging in the typical Level One design, this kit represents a practical ready-for-use solution that saves you time as well. No more than a 1.5-mm maxDrive® blade (neuro) and a suitable screwdriver are required in addition to the kit. Our BOS Driver can of course be used as an alternative option as well.

The newly developed storage magazine comes in an extremely attractive design and, thanks to customary slide-on covers, offers perfect functional conditions for secure storage and easy pick-up of the implants.