RECOS® Ulna Shortening

Multidirectionally angle-stable, "locking" reconstruction system for ulna shortening osteotomies.

The ulna shortening osteotomy represents an acknowledged method for treating the ulnar impaction syndrome.

The Best is about to get even better!

A frequent postoperative result of radial fractures are malalignments or discrepancies in the length ratio between the ulna and the radius, but such conditions can also be caused genetically. This very frequently leads to painful restrictions in the range of motion and loss of strength.

The ulna shortening osteotomy as a surgical correction method can be performed in conjunction with the plate osteosynthesis.

With RECOS® we offer you a correction osteotomy system which allows you to shorten the ulna steplessly by 3 to 10 mm using a gliding hole plate. The plates are fixed in place with our proven smartDrive® screws. No more than just a few instruments are required for this procedure.

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