Rhombic 3D Condylar Fracture Plate

Condylar process fractures surely are among the greatest challenges with which surgeons can be faced in the area of the craniomaxillofacial skeleton. The significant degree of dislocation, the confined spaces and the close proximity to major blood vessels and nerve structures are factors that often let physicians recoil from surgical treatment of such conditions.

With the Rhombic 3D Condylar Fracture Plate, the KLS Martin Group now offers an aid that is well adapted to the multilateral masticatory forces affecting such fractures. And here are the most distinctive features of the Rhombic 3D Condylar Fracture Plate:

  • Can be used for the surgical treatment of deep, medium and high condylar process fractures.
  • The rhombic shape of the plate provides for optimal transmission of the tensile and compressive forces present in the mandible.
  • Closely positioned screw holes in the proximal part of the plate allow secure placement of the osteosynthesis screws even under difficult spatial conditions.

The plates are available in two different versions

The standard version offers the special advantage of lateral gliding holes for final repositioning of the bone fragments after the osteosynthesis screws have already been prefixed.

The angle-stable, "locking" plate (green anodization) used in conjunction with ThreadLock TS screws locks the screws relative to the osteosynthesis medium. This means that the plate is self-supporting, which prevents resorption because no pressure is exerted on the bone when tightening the screws.