The New Micro SonicPin Rx® | "Headless Nails" for a Perfect Job!

In the Dental/Oral field, space is frequently scarce and fixation with conventional SonicPins Rx® correspondingly difficult. The latest addition to the SonicWeld-Rx® Dental product family, the Micro SonicPin Rx® with a newly designed, reduced head, now offers users significantly more room for maneuvering during insertion.

Besides, the new design entails a significant reduction in the amount of material to be implanted. This is a great advantage for users and for patients in particular.

All advantages at a glance

  • Can be used in anatomical regions where space is scarce (interdental spaces in particular)
  • Reduces the amount of material to be implanted
  • Simplifies wound flap adaptation
  • Supports soft tissue regeneration
  • Secure fixation of the Resorb-x® foil/membrane
  • Surgeon can adapt the pin head in dimension and size as required (e.g. shell technique)
  • Optimized geometry for optional fixation of the Resorb-x® foils/membranes at a distance from the bone
  • Ideal symbiosis – Micro SonicPin Rx® and alveolar protector