TRACK Distractors

A milestone in distraction osteogenesis and preprosthetic augmentation.

More than 3,000 distractors used all over the world

With the development of the vertical TRACK distractors, KLS Martin set an important milestone in distraction osteogenesis back in 1997, thereby opening up completely new vistas for preprosthetic augmentation. To date, more than 3,000 TRACK distractors have been used all over the world. This clearly shows how well the TRACK has established itself in clinical practice – reason enough for us to continue optimizing our product portfolio in this field!

Everything that’s needed for advanced oral surgery

We offer you everything you need for advanced oral surgery – from the miniaturized Micro TRACK all the way to the TRACK 2.0, the large version for use on the highly atrophied mandible.

Besides, our TRACK distractors are available in different lengths – to give you maximum flexibility, whatever anatomical conditions you have to deal with.


As the smallest version of the TRACK family, the Micro TRACK is perfectly suited for distracting single-tooth segments and bone segments with an ankylosed tooth.


The TRACK 1.0 has been specially developed for distracting small, partial defects of the alveolar ridge segment.

TRACK 1 Plus

The TRACK 1 Plus is specifically intended for alveolar ridge segments comprising approx. three to four teeth (35 mm).

TRACK 1.5 / TRACK 2.0


The TRACK 1.5 can be used for larger alveolar ridge segments up to a width of 60 millimeters. The TRACK 2.0 is intended for highly atrophied and edentulous segments of the mandibular front.