NON-STICKflush Forceps

With integrated Irrigation - for the toughest requirements

Saved time is guaranteed!

When tissue coagulates, it may become stuck to the tip of the forceps depending on the quality of the tip.

This undesirable effect should be considered critical. We have therefore developed bipolar forceps with integrated irrigation. The coagulation site is irrigated via the irrigation channel integrated into the forceps handle and to which one or two Luer Lock tubes can be connected.

 A continuous supply of irrigation fluid helps to greatly reduce the tissues adhesion.

The benefits at a glance:

•Reduced tissue adhesion
•Precise application of fluid
•Irrigation fluid guarantees a clear and clean operating field
•Can be used with all HF generators




Minimum adherence of tissue

The polished noble metal tips are characterized by their excellent thermal conductibility, which prevents the sticking of tissue during surgery. The heat is quickly and effectively discharged from the forceps tip. The non-stick effect is permanently ensured, as the tips are not just noble-metal coated but made of solid noble metal.

The Irrigation openingis located right on the gripping surface. The Irrigation fluid minimizes the risk of the tissue drying out and thus reduces the tissue adhesion. Irrigation consistently guarantees a clean and clear operating field.



Simply simple

The ergonomic gripping surface ensures secure handling and effortless work






The guide ensures that the forceps are closed parallel to each other and under pretension. "Splaying" of the forceps tips is moreover prevented. Your work is guaranteed to be effortless and enjoyable.


The "Neptun" current type of the maxium HF Generator was developed specifically for fluid-assisted HF coagulation (EHT = electrohydrothermosation). This method has been well provn, especially in abdominal and neurosurgery applications. The type of current is adapted to the requirements of the NON-STICKflush bipolar Irrigation forceps.

Application Fields