Vessel sealing

Vessel sealing SealSafe® IQ

The bipolar vessel sealing system, which consists of the maxium® high-frequency generator with its SealSafe® IQ current and the bipolar marSeal IQ / marClamp® CUT IQ / marClamp® IQ instruments, allows you to seal vessels and tissue bundles effectively and lastingly without any need for previous dissection or detailed exposure of the tissue to be sealed.

What does SealSafe® IQ mean?

The SealSafe® IQ is a process-controlled current mode in which a continuous exchange of information takes place between the HF generator maxium® and the IQ instrument and in which the impedance of the tissue to be sealed is continuously monitored.

Thanks to the precise SealSafe® IQ current specially adapted to this kind of application, only the tissue located between the instrument's jaws is sealed - lateral thermal tissue damage can thus be restricted to an absolute minimum. The SealSafe® IQ current mode guarantees minimal tissue adhesion and prevents carbonization of the tissue when used correctly.

Advantages for the surgeon

The unique vessel sealing system sealSafe® IQ includes various advantages for the surgeon:

  • The sealing process is time-saving and yields an optimum result
  • Shorter surgery times
  • Less blood loss
  • Tissue damage caused by lateral heat propagation is largely reduced
  • No adhesion of tissue to the contact surfaces

Efficiency Calculator

The disposable proportion of the vessel sealing instruments from KLS Martin has been reduced to an absolute minimum. This means that this products help to preserve the environment and your budget. The instruments feature a disposable blade. The remaining components can be easily and quickly cleaned and sterilized using the standard process.

The potential cost savings compared to a single-use instrument can be calculated very easily with the economic efficiency calculator in the KLS Martin App Energy Devices.


The KLS Martin App Energy Devices is available as Android version (Google Play Store) as well as iOS version (App Store).