IPS Case Designer 3D Virtual Planning Software

The IPS CaseDesigner makes 3D virtual planning easier and faster than ever before. With this tool, planning and simulating surgical interventions become efficient and reliable. Individualised treatment concepts can be easily transferred through a virtual approach towards patients in the operating theatre.

While the IPS Case Designer software is covering multiple sub- specialties of maxillofacial surgery, this first module is focusing on Orthognathic Surgery. It offers an intuitive and straightforward approach to virtual orthognathic planning by guiding the user through a step-by-step workflow.


Wizard- guided workflow leading to optimal patient treatment planning

Wizard-guided preparation workflow leading users from loading in patient DICOM files, importing optimal occlusion from volume or surface scans up to creating outstanding real- time tissue simultation. The patient preparation can be achieved in an enormously short time frame offering total flexibility and the options to optimize or redo all actions if necessary.

In-build intuitive assistants help to easily create individuality designed osteotomies and indicate diagnosis measurements. Plannings will be finalized offering the possibility to specify patient individual splints for patient-specific treatment concepts.

To complete the functionalities and improve the overall case handling a direct connection to the IPS Gate is provided as well as prospect to make a direct choice on KLS Martin orthognathic osteosynthesis plates.