SonicWeld Rx® CMF

The new era in craniofacial osteosynthesis

The entirely different procedure of inserting resorbable implants

With SonicWeld Rx®, KLS Martin has developed a path-breaking system for craniofacial surgery. It combines cutting-edge ultrasonic technology with resorbable implants and thus creates unrivalled three-dimensional initial stability. Since all implant components are made of resorbable materials, no second surgery is required - a considerable advantage, especially when performing osteosyntheses on still growing bone structures of children.

SonicWeld Rx® or: How to reach stability by means of vibration

The core component of this procedure is what is referred to as the SonicWelder Rx, an ultrasound generator that is used to generate ultrasonic waves of precisely defined frequency with are then focused with a sonotrode. The SonicPin Rx® is picked up with the sonotrode tip and placed onto a pilot hole.

When activating the ultrasound generator, the pin is set vibrating via the sonotrode. The friction between the vibrating pin and the bone surface generates heat, liquefying the pin surface and thus enabling it to glide into the hole. By changing the state of aggregation, the pin even penetrates into bone cavities that could never be reached by conventional resorbable screws or using the conventional procedure. In addition, the head of the SonicPin bonds with the membrane, creating a three-dimensional construction of unmatched initial stability.

The procedure step by step

The Resorb-x® plate or mesh is heated up in the Xcelsior waterbath and adapted to the bone structure (1). Drill the hole and place the SonicPin Rx® with the sonotrode onto it (2). When activating the ultrasound generator, the SonicPin Rx® is liquefied, causing it to glide into the hole (3). A permanent joint is created (4).