Flower Plate | The alternative method of performing mediocarpal partial arthrodeses

Mediocarpal partial arthrodeses with Kirschner wires and the resulting plaster cast immobilization of the hand for a period of several weeks represent a considerable limitation for active patients. Increased expectancy on the part of affected patients calls for the possibility of early mobilization with rapid restoration of normal function so patients are rehabilitated and can resume everyday life and work as soon as possible.

The Flower Plate, an alternative method of performing mediocarpal partial arthrodeses, satisfies this expectancy and meets the requirements in every respect. It ensures optimal fixation and hence a stable connection with the bones – an ideal scenario for early mobilization and rapid rehabilitation.

Optimal fixation for a stable bone connection

The Flower Plate is impressive particularly because of its small size and delicate shape, which is ideally matched to the carpal bones. The two properties enable not only optimal placement of the plate but also positioning below bone level and minimization of the amount of bone to be removed – an ideal scenario to avoid painful impingement injuries at the dorsal edge of the radial bone.

Free use of standard screws and multidirectional locking screws in each plate hole also offers optimal fixation options to ensure a stable connection with the bones and hence promising prospects of regeneration.

A system based on a proven concept!

In the storage cage all required instruments are arranged according to their sequence of use during surgery. Screws in single clips permit not only easy recording of all the relevant implant data but also seamless patient- related documentation.



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