The new generation of headless bone screws for treating fractures and non-unions in small bones.

Improving on the tried and tested

KLS Martin offers the self-tapping HBS2 screw in various dimensions, enabling you to achieve the best possible interfragmental compression in any situation.

The HBS2 screw from KLS Martin provides ideal conditions for fast wound healing - while keeping materials requirements to an absolute minimum.

Award-winning system

Smart color-coding ensures the safe and intuitive handling of all the instruments included in the HBS2 system. Advanced ergonomic silicone handles provide superior feel and the storage tray with its honeycomb design offers excellent processing efficiency in the first place. We are proud to say that the HBS2 won the renowned red dot award 2011 for its functionally perfected design.

This entails tangible advantages for surgeons and patients alike - with surgeons benefiting from a faster operating technique (less surgical steps involved) and improved handling of the implant system, and patients benefiting from a significantly gentler procedure and faster wound healing.

HBS 2 Instruments 
HBS 2 Storage 
HBS2 Circular Screw Rack