LINOS Hand Fracture System

The osteosynthesis system for phalangeal and metacarpal fractures, arthrodeses and reconstructive surgery.

Reduced to the essential!

The lean, yet nonetheless complete LINOS portfolio offers you a broad selection of anatomically shaped plates for the surgical treatment of all kinds of hand fractures.

All plates are available in two different profile heights or thicknesses, 0.8 and 1.2 mm, and can be filled with standard or locking (multidirectionally angle-stable) smartDrive® screws with diameters of 1.5/2.0 or 2.3 mm - the choice and combination being totally yours, so you can treat every fracture in the best possible way.

For screw osteosynthesis of small-fragment fractures, an extra module with 1.2-mm standard screws is available.

A system based on a proven concept!

As a total system, LINOS is focused not only on implants, but on the associated instruments and storage system as well.

The ergonomically designed instruments, color-coded for easy identification and matching, can be used intuitively. The highlight: a pair of reduction forceps specially adapted to the anatomy of the hand and absolutely unique in its stepped offset design of the working ends.

The storage system boasts easy and well-thought-out ergonomic handling, with the instruments arranged according to the sequence of use during the surgical procedure. In addition it has been optimized for superior reprocessing results to satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders involved. The proven concept - based on a combination of stainless steel in honeycomb design and high-performance plastic - provides not only great stability at a low weight, but ensures an excellent rinsing performance as well.

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