MOH stands for Modular Osteosynthesis System for the Hand. It is universally applicable in the phalangeal and metacarpal regions.

Apart from standard plates, the MOH includes multidirectionally angle-stable, "locking" plates for hand fracture treatment.

Universally combinable

As titanium screws and plate profiles of different sizes can be matched as required, the MOH osteosynthesis system ensures optimal fracture treatment.

In addition there is the LPS module, a locking (angle-stable) plate system for reliable long-term solutions - especially where metacarpal fractures are concerned.

Versatile and well-thought-out in application and storage

With the MOH and the LPS, great versatility goes hand in hand with a well-conceived storage module as several units can be easily combined into a total system. New requirements can be satisfied at any time by simply including additional modules and inserts.

The color-coded instruments and storage modules, along with the colored screw clips, ensure unambiguous allocation of all the items belonging to a module.

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