Ulnar Head Prosthesis for treating disorders of the distal radioulnar joint.

Disorders of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) are common and usually associated with painful restriction of forearm rotation, loss of force and DRUJ instability.

Spherical UHP

Arthrotic changes of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) are frequently treated with the Sauve-Kapandji procedure. However, this can lead to instability of the ulnar stump, causing in turn a painful radioulnar impingement (ulnar stump impinging on radius).

In addition to the well-known Ulnar Head Prosthesis, the spherical UHP extends the product range to provide you with a solution specially designed for revising failed Sauve-Kapandji procedures.

Ulnar Head Prosthesis

The Ulnar Head Prosthesis has been developed to restore painfree forearm rotation. Besides, the UHP can be used for restoration of a proper length ratio between the radius and the ulna.

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Salvage of Failed Resection Arthroplasties of the Distal Radioulnar Joint Using an Ulnar Head Prosthesis: Long-term Results