Sternal Talon® | The innovative sternal closure

rigid · easy · safe

The open heart operation has been a success. The final step left is to close the sternum.

Sternal closure is now made easy by a new, innovative technique: Sternal Talon® from KLS Martin.

High safety for high-risk patients

The revolutionary Sternal Talon®, made of biocompatible titanium, allows you to close the sternum immediately and securely while bone penetration is prevented at the same time. The special design of the system ensures that the forces involved are distributed across a large bone surface - a significant advantage, especially with regard to patients at high risk resulting from conditions such as morbid obesity, diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Moreover, the system is well suited for reconstruction procedures.

Easy to use

Thanks to their simple design, the talons are easy to implant and can be opened just as fast and easily in a case of emergency immediately after the operation. What facilitates the surgeon's work a great deal on the one hand, means higher comfort for the patients on the other hand. A firm sternal closure stable under load immediately after the intervention, a lower risk of infection, less complications and usually a faster return to normal life - these benefits translate into a real plus in the quality of life for any patient.