16,000 surgical instruments

What is the secret behind the development, manufacture, and distribution of over 16,000 exclusive surgical instruments, products whose distinguishing characteristics truly set them apart from all the other instruments? The answer is passion, the overwhelming desire to discover new ways of serving humankind in its search for ultimate health.

Proven for decades

Millions of physicians throughout the world use and rely on them: the high-quality instruments by KLS Martin that set standards in surgery and dental surgery. More than 14,000 surgical instruments are developed and manufactured in compliance with stringent quality specifications, from the selection of corrosion-resistant chrome steels through manufacture and heat treatment to finishing and final inspection.

Instruments | millions of physicians throughout the world rely on

KLS Martin offers the entire spectrum of standard surgical instruments. And what is more: KLS Martin also supplies you with special instruments for all surgical disciplines. Just take a look at our special catalogs:

The production

KLS Martin has a long tradition of manufacturing surgical instruments: upon its foundation, the company Gebrüder Martin was a mere instrument manufacturer. Our mission has remained unchanged to the present day: to manufacture instruments of the highest quality.

In state-of the-art production facilities, certain product groups even under clean room conditions - and always under the direction of highly skilled engineers and qualified staff.

Quality commitment

Being an international supplier of medical devices, KLS Martin has always given top priority to quality issues with regard to its surgical instruments long before legal regulations were put in place. Competent employees have contributed greatly to the preparation and continuous improvement of both German and international standards governing the function, shape and quality of the various instruments.

Optimized processes for clinical logistics

Are you well-prepared for all eventualities?

With KLS Martin, you are. With our comprehensive logistic concept, we take inventory of your instruments. Subsequently, we conduct a demand-actuated target analysis, including the optimum packaging concept for surgical kits. From the application in the operating room to steam sterilization - with KLS Martin, your clinic is perfectly organized.

Whenever you need it - our lifetime guarantee

Our determined and ongoing search for the perfect solution is reflected in the dynamic nature of our product portfolio. You will simply not find better instruments on the market. And because we truly believe in the outstanding quality of our products, we offer a lifelong guarantee on each instrument, in connection with appropriate and professional use.