Instruments for the forefoot and tarsal regions

Apart from three-dimensional preoperative planning, bone correction procedures performed on the foot require implants that provide stable fixation of the desired result of the surgical procedure. The usually used Kirschner wires and bone clamps cannot meet this requirement.

Due to the high compression effect enabled by their specific design, the implants presented here ensure stable fixation of osteotomies and arthrodeses, thus allowing early mobilization. This often reduces the usual need for multi-week immobilization by closed plaster cast considerably.


  • Arthrodeses and correction osteotomies in the forefoot region

  • Valgization osteotomy of metatarsal I in cases of hallux valgus with increased first intermetatarsal angle

  • Arthrodesis of MTP I in cases of hallux rigidus

  • Arthrodesis of the tarsometatarsal joint I in cases of instability

  • Correction osteotomies and arthrodeses in the tarsal and hindfoot regions

  • Calcaneal valgization/varization osteotomy in cases of posttraumatic malposition or pes planovalgus

  • Lengthening of the lateral column in cases of pes planovalgus

  • Calcaneocuboidal and talonavicular arthrodeses