KLS Martin Micro Instruments | Just perfect for the surgeon’s hand

No doubt, any surgical intervention requires skill and a sure hand. However, this is not always enough, say, for operations carried out under the microscope or for ligament, nerve or vessel suturing. In such cases, utmost precision and carefulness are in high demand. This cannot be guaranteed with mere eye sight and a skilled hand alone.

High-precision, ultra-light micro-instruments for the most delicate interventions

KLS Martin offers the appropriate instruments for this purpose. High-precision, ultra-light micro-instruments for the most delicate interventions: reliable, perfectly balanced forceps, scissors and needleholders, all of them perfectly adapted to the surgeon's hand. Made from steel or titanium, with diamond-coated working parts for an exceptionally long service life.

Diamond-coated working parts | Safety Wave safety box lock

All's well that ends well: This neatly applies to the distal ends of our instruments as well. Diamond-coated working parts provide increased service life and enhance the instrument's functionality at the same time. The curved Safety Wave safety box lock stabilizes the instrument and prevents the suture material from getting caught in the working parts of scissors or needleholders.

Perfection in steel and titanium

The stainless steel microsurgical instrument series impresses with its sturdiness, durability and outstanding price-performance ratio. These instruments are extremely easy to maintain and feature an almost glare-free surface finish due to glass bead blasting.

Micro Scissors of Titanium / Steel 
Micro Needleholder of Titanium / Steel 
Micro Forceps of Titanium / Steel