diomax® | The “all-rounder” for advanced laser surgery

Wide range of applications, easy to operate.

A real all-rounder for advanced laser surgery

The diomax® diode laser satisfies the highest demands regarding the physical properties of the laser beam. Due to a wide range of application and its easy use and intuitive operation, the diomax® qualifies as a real all-rounder for advanced surgery.

Impressive in quality and flexibility

With its laser beam, the diomax® sets new standards. Its numerical aperture of 0.22 - the "quality characteristic" of laser radiation - stands for beam properties that were previously an exclusive asset of solid-state lasers.

However, the essential question is what you can do with this laser beam: Up to 50 customizable programs are available to surgeons for the most different applications. Each parameter can be set by means of a single rotary pushbutton and is then clearly and unambiguously displayed on the large color display, without any confusing sub-menu structures. This gives surgeon a perfect overview - and perfect control.

As versatile as the range of indications

What makes the diomax® so versatile is its wavelength of 980 nm, which is characterized by excellent absorption in hemoglobin and water and therefore well suited for use in almost all surgical fields. And since the diomax® offers an extremely short pulse time of just 5 ms, very gentle patient treatment is guaranteed as well.

diomax® 1550 is distinguished by its outstanding absorption in water and is therefore particularly suited to use in phlebology and in percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD).

In short: The diomax® is easy to use, versatile and first-rate in beam quality. It offers surgeons optimal conditions for every application - right from first use of the unit.

The application fields at a Glance