Limax® 120

The Limax® 120 comes as a symbiosis of a solid-state laser and a diode laser: "the two-in-one solution". The innovative, diode-pumped Nd:YAG technology represents a significant step forward, compared with previously available technical options. With the launch of the Limax® 120, surgeons have a laser system at their disposal that combines the outstanding beam quality and high power densities of solid-state lasers with the high efficiency of diode lasers. All this is heightened by the special wavelength of 1,320 nm, which is just perfect for parenchymal surgery.

Ideal wavelength

Thanks to its specific wavelength of 1,320 nm and the ideal coefficient of absorption in water and hemoglobin associated with it, the Limax® offers you an optimal combination of resection, coagulation and tissue sealing capabilities. This automatically gives surgeons the best possible control of the two greatest problems in pulmonary parenchymal surgery: hemostasis and air loss prevention.

Making operable what was previously inoperable

This type of laser technique is especially useful for resecting multiple metastases. The optimal coefficient of absorption in water and hemoglobin - available only with this wavelength - accounts for excellent cutting, coagulating and sealing capabilities. At the same time, healthy tissue is preserved to the greatest extent possible. This is why the Limax® can be used in cases that were previously considered inoperable. More still: Follow-up interventions are just as easily possible in the event of recurrence. This secures optimal therapeutic results while retaining the patient's quality of life almost 100%.

Unrivaled beam quality

In contrast to direct-diode lasers, the Limax® emits laser light of constant quality, irrespective of the set power. Whereas the beam diameter of direct-diode systems increases with increasing power and beam precision decreases strongly as a result, the Limax® system enables you to work at a constant beam quality across the entire output power range, up to 120 W. This allows for fast procedures using maximum power densities of up to 170 kW/cm² and very thin fibers with a diameter of just 300 µm.

Great value for money

Apart from its clinical advantages, this new laser is a great economic solution as well. High savings can be achieved with regard to consumables alone (such as staplers). Above all and far beyond any economic considerations, however, more patients can benefit from surgical treatment - including those previously considered inoperable.

Intuitive to operate

The exceptional user-friendliness of the Limax® also shows in the integration of peripheral units such as the smoke evacuator or the gas flow controller. In this way, the entire system can be intuitively controlled via a single display.

In other words: Operation is extremely easy - for the benefit of the surgeon as well as the entire OR team.

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