Patient Information

With its simplified presentation of the subject matter, the patient informations is designed to facilitate the decision-making process for different indications for patients.

To anchor a dental implant properly, the alveolarridge therefore needs to be reconstructed first. Implant placement is then followed by prosthetic measures in form of a crown integrated so well that it is visually impossible to distinguish it from adjacent natural teeth.

Bone development, with the ultrasonic technique SonicWeld Rx® and the resorbable materials from the innovative high-performance substance PDLLA, make the jaw strong enough to receive any amount of required implants - with the help of membranes, foils, preformedparts and pins all made of PDLLA: a material that has no equal.

Are you suffering from varicose veins? | EVLO provides quick and gentle help!

Endovenous laser occlusion (EVLO) is a clinically established method that requires no general anesthesia and spares you the inconvenience of extended hospitalization. According to clinical studies, the success rates are around 95%. Unlike stripping, the diseased vein is not removed surgically from the leg when using EVLO. Instead, laser energy is used to "shrink" the vein for natural degradation through the metabolic pathways.