Surgical Innovation is our Passion

"This is a promise we have pursued in surgery since 1923. With this claim in mind, we develop and market medical technology solutions such as implant systems, high frequency surgical devices, surgical lasers, sterilization containers, surgical lamps, surgical instruments as well as customized solutions for surgery. And in many cases, we have set new benchmarks.

The KLS Martin Group is the umbrella brand for the companies Gebrüder Martin, Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik, KLS Martin in Freiburg, Stuckenbrock Medizintechnik, Rudolf Buck and KLS Martin in the USA, as well as numerous subsidiaries and representative offices throughout the entire world. Our products are used in more than 140 countries all over the world. We are proud of this achievement and will continue advancing patient treatment. Worldwide."

Karl and Christian Leibinger
Donat and Fabian Stuckenbrock

Shareholders of KLS Martin Group

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We act individually

We act individually

We do not believe in inconvenience. Personal dealings are important to us - a feeling of closeness, practiced fairness, upright respect. We are good listeners and understand what is important. This governs the way we work together and the relationships with our customers. Backed by individualists with team spirit. People who are themselves and are pro-actively involved. These are settings which allow each of us to flourish and continuously develop our competencies.

Additional services

Our services

Our employees are our most valuable assets. They are fully dedicated to the success of our company in their daily work. However, top performance can only be delivered in the right professional and personal environment. This is why we support our employees with a variety of services:

Customized familiarization

To make sure that you settle down in your new job during the first few weeks and months. Our familiarization program offers you a perfect start and includes the Welcome Meeting, a customized familiarization plan and a mentor who introduces you to all administrative and organizational procedures. But also to the customs and values in our company.


The health of our employees forms the basis for sustainable performance and wellbeing. The companies of the KLS Martin Group offer you extensive options: whether company fitness, health management, information events, courses, seminars or participating in regional sports events.


Pension benefits and employee savings schemes to ensure a satisfied and safe future - these are all areas where we can make you attractive offers.


All our locations offer a cafeteria where you can indulge in snacks and coffee as well as meet and communicate with your colleagues. A great place for a get-together. 

We act with initiative

We act with initiative

We are active players in exploiting new fields of application and international markets. We always challenge what exists and drive our endeavors dynamically to reach our goals. This lies in our nature and in our tradition as a family-run company: being open for new things, and being sustainable in what we do. Economically and ecologically. Both create the foundation for commercial success, always with an eye on the big picture.

Additional services

Our services


We create room for freedom and a high level of flexibility for your professional and private life. For example, with flexible working hours, flextime accounts or parental leave. To make sure that family and job are a perfect match.


Exceptional annual events form part of the KLS Martin Group tradition, allowing employees to meet and strengthen identification with the company. For example, the joint "holiday festival", the Christmas party or anniversaries. A Christmas present every year is also part of a living tradition.

Secure jobs

Our objective is the long-term expansion of the KLS Martin Group. For many years now, we have guaranteed the future of our locations in Germany.


We are innovative

We are innovative

We are designers of surgical opportunities. We never stop exploring options and do everything to realize ideas as well as optimizing processes, products and systems. Be it through a number of small improvements or by groundbreaking innovations. We have done this with success, again and again. And are willing to provide the evidence at any time.

Additional services

Our services

Diversity of tasks

We offer our employees a holistic and diverse field of tasks with responsibility and short decision paths. We demand and promote your autonomous thinking and actions. In our company, everyone can involve their individual strengths and contribute to success. This allows for the perfect development of personal initiative and passionate curiosity.

Employee sponsorship and development

KLS Martin develops surgical innovations with passion. We can only keep this up by permanently qualifying our employees.

  • We promote personal development through annual assessments where the manager and the employee communicate and define personal goals. This allows the employee to be involved in creating and driving his/her development autonomously.

  • To promote professional qualifications, we support our employees with seminars, training, further education through to language courses.

  • Attending exhibitions, congresses, external working parties or visiting allied companies expand the horizon and provide inspiration.

International cooperation

Cooperation across locations is a living reality in our company. International sales were a major focus right from the beginning at KLS Martin. The companies operate across country borders on a variety of topics and thus influence the global corporate strategy at the KLS Martin Group. The international networking of our employees and managers is crucial for ensuring the success of cross-border cooperation.

Internships abroad:
Already gaining international experience during the study period is becoming more and more important. Within the context of an internship abroad, we offer our dual study students the option of gaining this experience at various locations, preparing them early on in their career for an international environment.

Secondments and international project assignments:
We regard several years of secondment abroad or temporary limited international project assignments for our employees as an opportunity for change and an important milestone in their career development. This is where our employees change their location for a set period of time abroad and help to set up subsidiaries or are involved in important projects, to give some examples. Furthermore, we support international and cross-country job positions.


Location and Region

Enjoying work and recreation where others go for their holidays. Be it at our locations in Tuttlingen, Mühlheim or Freiburg: These places and regions offer all generations considerable quality of life. Particularly, as the geographic location between the Black Forest, Danube Valley and the Lake of Constance is extremely diverse with culture, wine, sailing or mountaineering being just a stone's throw apart.