Advent calendar 2020

Advent Calendar

December and Advent calendars simply belong together. For this reason, a new door is waiting to be discovered by you every day between December 1 to 24. We don't want to give away too much yet, but we will clarify, among other things, what winter decoration and an intensive care unit or surgical instruments and cookies have in common. Let your imagination run free. The resolution follows.


The right light for every situation. Whether strictly functional for the operating room or atmospheric for festive use - our marLED® X can do both thanks to its flexibly adjustable parameters ;) and best of all - once you have found your ideal setting, you can save it and call it up again conveniently at the touch of a button. 
Here are some features at a glance: 

  • Illumination field diameter: Adjustable from 140-350 mm
  • Light field geometry: Switchable between round and oval
  • Illuminance: 160.000 lx (dimmable)

But now, we wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a healthy new year 2021!


Small picture puzzle: #WeeklyManagementMeeting with a touch of Christmas - who recognizes the Christmas sweater? 

Used sporadically this time last year, they've quickly become the go-to for daily interaction with our colleagues this year #virtualmeetings. Even though we miss the face-to-face meetings, it's nice to be able to see each other virtually at least once in a while and get to know completely new sides of our colleagues. Like a glimpse into the private living room, children running through the picture from time to time or pets wondering about the frequent presence of their owners. Through these glimpses and the mission to make this year as good as possible, we have also grown closer together virtually as a KLS Martin family - even though we are getting bigger and bigger. For more insights into our day-to-day work, check out our career videos.


Christmas is the time to express our appreciation to others and give something back. This year, we are therefore once again supporting a good cause and donating 5,000 euros to the women's shelter in Tuttlingen.


#Christmas2019. In 2019, our CEO and President Christian Leibinger has dived into his own Christmas workshop. PS: Who finds our 3D-printed Christmas bauble in the video? #holidaysarecoming


We can say with certainty that we have never experienced a year like this, full of uncertainties, tragic fates and isolation but also flexibility, creativity and virtual team cohesion. This year's end of the year message, like the year itself, is therefore different from the previous ones. Instead of past highlights, today our CEO and President Christian Leibinger shares with you his personal year and what has been driving him.


What do blowing out candles and cutting and coagulating tissue by means of electricity have in common? As soon as you blow out the candles, a narrow waft of smoke rises. Something similar happens when tissue is processed under electric current in the operating room. These so-called smoke gases can be harmful to patients and clinical staff. With our new smartOne® disposable accessories for electrosurgery, we offer you handles with integrated smoke evacuation that allow a clear view of the operating field. 


What do our headlights MedLED® Chrome and holiday season have in common? We thought about this one for a long time and did not find similarities, but many use cases for our headlight outside of the OR. How about this one: 

Holiday season also means short days and long nights – at least for us in Germany. And what can be better to use the few daylight hours than a long walk in our Black Forest winter wonderland? We love it so much, that it can easily happen that we forget the time and suddenly find ourselves surrounded by darkness. This can feel quite uncomfortable when you do not see the trail properly. Luckily we have our cordless MedLED® Chrome headlight that not only enables a better view in the OR, but also to see the landscape and leads us home with a light intensity up to 275.000 lux varying depending on the model. ;)


What does it look like in Santa's workshop at the North Pole? We can only speculate. In our childish imagination; however, there are numerous elves sitting there who make an individual present for each child based on the wish lists. The situation is similar in our production of patient-specific implants. Based on the CT data, our engineers work together with the surgeons in charge to create a digital implant design which is later individually and accurately made on our machines. The Moffitt Center in the USA recently used one of these implants.


Holiday season is also fairy tale time. Especially when there are children in the household, fairy tales are read, told or watched on tv. But sometimes real life also writes stories that are hard to believe. Here, Michael Martin, one of our Presidents, tells how he went from being a graduate student to a managing director.


Sweet 15! Happy birthday SonicWeld Rx®. What do a gingerbread house and our Resorb x® or Resorb xG resorbable implants have in common? Both do not require screws while maintaining strength, but hold together by a kind of "fusion" of the different materials. What white icing or melted chocolate is in the gingerbread house are our SonicPins Rx in our resorbable implants. These are set into vibration by ultrasonic waves and thus melt into the bone. Even if a gingerbread house is history by New Year's Eve at the latest, our resorbable implants also disappear almost magically over time.


Who doesn't know it? You accidentally brush the Christmas tree, a ball comes loose, falls to the ground and breaks into tiny splinters. Our solution is alloyed titanium, which is also frequently used in implant production. This makes the bauble not only decorative and impact resistant, but its physical properties also bring out the child in some of our colleagues. 


We like our Christmas tree decorations as we like our distractors - colorful, suitable and a wide variety. Did you know, that the innovation of distraction dates back as early as the 1950's? The insights of bone enlargement which the Russian surgeon Gavril Ilizarov gained rather accidentally back then are standard knowledge today and clinical practice would be unthinkable without it. More still: In many cases, distraction osteogenesis now represents the method of choice. With numerous innovative and revolutionary distraction systems, we have made a major contribution to establishing this technique in craniomaxillofacial surgery for use in operating rooms all over the world. There is hardly any craniomaxillofacial problem to which we have not responded by designing a special distractor to solve it.


The turn of the year is like a new beginning for many. A new chapter with empty pages that can be filled. Sometimes it is not only the turn of the year that promises a new beginning, but also important decisions that can turn your life upside down. Our President and CEO Karl Leibinger made a similar decision in the 1970s when we entered the field of craniomaxillofacial surgery. In an interview, he explains how it all came about and how we made the first plates and screws.


This year we learned that some meetings can also be held digitally and not everything has to take place on site. But what we definitely miss is the sociability and the feeling of personal meetings and events. Even though we hope that personal meetings will soon be possible again, there is also great potential through digital training formats. In a report we share our impressions with you.


Who does not know it: You hardly started into the new year with your new year's resolutions and suddenly it's already December again and you have to think about new ones. Even though this year has passed at a noticeably slower pace, we still feel as if we opened our KLS Martin WORLD North America training center only yesterday with the intention of expanding our training program. We fondly remember the moment when our CEOs, Karl and Christian Leibinger, cut the red ribbon during the opening ceremony. Since then, we have hosted several events with guests from all over the world and the building was filled with great energy and inspiring discussions. Then Covid-19 decided to make its presence. We hope that we will soon be able to welcome you all again and meet you in person! Until then, stay safe and let’s keep in touch virtually! 


What do gift wrapping and sterile barrier systems have in common? A gift is only half as nice if the matching packaging is missing. It has not only a visual effect, but also a functional one - transport, storage and protection of the lovingly selected gift. There are different types of packaging: You can either put the gift into a reusable gift bag or you can wrap it once with gift wrapping paper. It is similar with sterile barrier systems. There are disposable products and reusable systems, such as our sterilization containers. These protect your surgical instruments, are environmentally friendly and easy to stack.


Every family has its own tradition at the holidays. Whether it's a special menu, baking cookies together or a walk through the Christmassy decorated neighborhood, for us since 2018 it is the Christmas message at the end of the year. Today we are happy to look back on our message from 2018. In particular to the crème brulée, to which we gave the final touch with our surgical laser Limax®.


Many associate holiday season with sweet treats, hearty dishes and cosy get-togethers with family and friends. A wonderful experience when you don't have to worry about your teeth. For patients with extreme tissue loss in the jaw area and/or removable dentures, this can become a stressful situation. In addition to limiting the choice of dishes and the perception of taste, social interaction can also be impaired. With our IPS Implants® Preprosthetic, we offer an option for immediate dental rehabilitation.


December is the time for a review of the year, whether on television or a very personal résumé of the past year, we are surrounded by them everywhere. But why look at one year at a time, when you can do the same with your entire career? Here, our President and CEO Christian Leibinger gives a very personal insight into his career and what he would like to see in the future for the KLS Martin Group.


What do cookies and surgical instruments have in common? Both are made with love, an eye for detail and a lot of patience. Weighing ingredients, mixing, kneading, rolling, cutting out cookies, baking and glazing - with so much manual work, reading alone makes you sweat. Only a small part, such as the kneading or baking can be handled by machine. This is very similar with our surgical instruments. More than 75% of the production steps are manual and at the end the surgical instruments need to pass a strict quality control. But there is one thing that makes them different: cookies do not save human lives, but they do save holiday season. ;) Learn more about the production of surgical instruments in the video.


Holiday season is the time of mutual appreciation. In Burkina Faso there are only six pediatric surgeons for every 7.2 million children. These figures are exemplary for the country's healthcare system. The association "Operieren in Afrika e.V." is working with several projects to improve interdisciplinary medical care in Burkina Faso.  We are happy to contribute a small part to the mission of the association with our OR light and can only applaude to so much commitment.


December has officially begun and with it the peak season for gift finders. The search for the right gift is not so different from the search for a suitable implant. Everybody wants to find a gift that best meets the needs of the recipient and that will give him/her pleasure for a long time. When selecting a gift, one can either use general classics that always look good or fall back on personalized gifts. This is also the case with our implants for hand surgery. There are standard solutions that are suitable for many procedures, but there are also patient-specific solutions that are ideally suited to the needs of the individual patient. Find out more about the planning process of our IPS Implants® Radius Reconstruction.


What do holiday decorations and individual solutions for intensive care units have in common? You're only really in the holiday season mood when atmospheric lights decorate the city and your own house, the Christmas tree is up and it smells of cookies. Without all that, holiday season would only be half as nice. Even if you want to spend as little time as possible in an intensive care room, there are ways to use colors and moods in such a way that they can support the recovery and well-being of the patient.


Holiday season means spending time with family. Even though this year this is only possible to a limited extent, we as a corporate family have grown even closer together despite the distance. This is partly due to the fact that the Leibinger family has merged its shares in the company. With the result, that the KLS Martin Group is now 100% owned by the Leibinger family. To find out how all this came about and how it affects the future of our group of companies, read the news article. 

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