Employees of the KLS Martin Group collected donations for the women's shelter in Tuttlingen in the course of the #Metoo debate and ceremoniously handed them over.

#Metoo. If you enter this hash tag into Google, you will currently receive over 222 million search results and new hits are added every day. This figure reflects the virality and relevance of the debate about violence by men against women, but also against other men. Although the origin of the debate lies in Hollywood, the problems and grievances revealed by it are not limited to the world of stars and celebrities. There are also regional problems that are often ignored. In the first instance affected women often turn to women's shelters. The women's shelter in Tuttlingen is reaching its limits in terms of capacity. Since its foundation 24 years ago, the shelter has been continuously fully occupied. It struggles every day with the challenge of offering all those seeking help a place to stay.

Our employees Andreas Hermle and Sabrina Baumli took the debate as an opportunity and set up an internal fundraising campaign. A total of 2,000 euros could be raised through an additional monetary increase by the management and a private donation by Andreas Hermle. This amount was handed over to the management of the women's shelter in Tuttlingen.