We have conducted our “1st Expert Meeting on Advanced Operation Techniques in Gynecology and General Surgery” in Sharjah University, UAE. With more than 50 participants from the region and 7 international speakers we can look back on a great and successful event!

The idea for this event emerged from the yearly Expert Meeting that is held at the University Hospital of Freiburg. At the end of the year, doctors from all over the world meet there for a two-day exchange on new surgical techniques and new advanced bipolar vessel sealing devices in the field of gynecology. With the above event a local counterpart was created for the important markets of the Middle East and South Asia. 

On the first day, seven CME lectures were given by seven speakers, including two German doctors: Dr. med. Andreas Zorr, Head of Gynecology at the Medical Centre of Konstanz and Dr. med. Gabriel Seifert from the Department of General and Visceral Surgery at the University of Freiburg. The other speakers came from India as well as the United Arab Emirates, which led to interesting discussions around different surgical approaches.

A highlight of the first day was the live video transmission from the Velan Specialty Hospital, Trichy, India, together with the scientific society IGELS. IGELS stands for "Indo German Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Society" and was founded in 2018. The task of IGELS is to offer German and Indian surgeons a platform for scientific exchange and courses. Content of the live broadcast was a lecture as well as a live surgery.

On the second day the doctors were able to show their skills in the wet-lab of the medical faculty of Sharjah University. Under real OR conditions, the participants worked on five workstations with anesthetized goats. KLS Martin provided workshop materials from the HF portfolio, focusing in particular on reusable laparoscopic vessel sealing devices. At the end of the course, the doctors were handed over their CME certificates. We look back on a fantastic program with great personalities that will be continued next year!