As part of our "marManagement", we are currently carrying out an instrument audit in Sri Lanka for the first time. In addition to qualifying the instruments, this includes documenting the processing procedures and training of the staff to optimize the service life and facilitate value retention of the instruments. This can increase the efficiency of the hospital and the specialist knowledge of the staff.

In order to be able to offer the best possible service, we have responded to individual customer needs as well as country- and culture-specific conditions and, together with the customer, have opted for a unique and compact stage audit. For this purpose, we carried out an audit in three hospitals consecutively.

For the audit, we sent a unified team of product managers, sales staff and specialized distributors to the hospitals.  For ten days the colleagues were busy documenting the processing procedures and checking the functionality of the existing instruments. This holistic approach enables us to identify possible sources of error in the processing and storage of the surgical instruments. Manual cleaning with unsuitable agents, insufficient lubrication of the instruments, inadequate water quality and incorrect loading of the machine based processes make it difficult to maintain the value of surgical instruments and thus also lead to surface changes such as corrosion.

In addition, our experts can present possible optimization potentials in the processing procedures through the exact documentation of the processes. They then give precisely fitting recommendations and carry out corresponding trainings for the hospital personnel. In this way, we can secure the service life of the instruments in the long term and increase profitability in hospitals.

The cooperation and exchange with the hospital staff in the last few days have been great and the results for the user have been sustainably successful. 

About our instrument management
Our service marManagement is a modular concept, which consists of instrument audit, optimization of set compositions as well as the subsequent or parallel repair service in our marRep Service Points during use. The modules can be individually adapted according to the customer's needs.