The KLS Martin Group is foregoing the Christmas present for customers and business partners and is supporting the Tuttlingen chapter of the German Child Protection Association with a donation of 10,000 euros this year.

On December 20, Karl Leibinger, President of the KLS Martin Group, handed over the check to the two chairmen of the board, Irmgard Rieger and Hans-Peter Seute, of the regional German Child Protection Association. In addition to the 10,000, euros the employees also collected money for the good cause and donated it to the Child Protection Association.

"The donation is both a symbol and a heart's desire for us. As a part of society, we would like to take on social responsibility for our headquarters in Tuttlingen and the surrounding area and, especially at Christmas, we would like to give something back. For 60 years now, the German Child Protection Association (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Ortsverband Tuttlingen e.V.) has been committed to child protection, children's rights and the improvement of living conditions for children and their families. We appreciate the work of the association very much and hope to be able to support it with this donation," said Karl and Christian Leibinger, Presidents and CEO's. 

According to Mrs. Rieger, the donation will be used specifically to finance the "Holiday programs in Tutilla Adventure Land" for children from socially disadvantaged families. The programs are free holiday care under educational guidance during the Easter, Whitsun, summer and autumn holidays. Through games, cooking, crafts, handicrafts and other community activities, the children are introduced to values, social skills and meaningful leisure activities.

"These holiday activities are 100% financed by donations. We are very grateful and happy that the financing of our offer for the coming year is now secured thanks to the generous donation of the KLS Martin Group," says Irmgard Rieger.