Carrera de Empresas 2019 in San Sebastián


05.06.2019 | Company

Carrera de Empresas in San Sebastián

The colleagues from our IPS® planning office in San Sebastián

The colleagues from our IPS® planning office in San Sebastián, Spain, took part in the “Carrera de Empresas”, a local company race, for a good cause. On a distance of 8.5-km along the three beaches of the city, they were able to secure the 77th place among 348 company groups.

Spain - a popular holiday destination with a guaranty for good weather, Mediterranean flair and picturesque beaches. That’s an imagination that did not come true for our runners. 

Shortly before they wanted to start at the Carrera de Empresas, it was already raining cats and dogs. As locals they know the weather conditions in the city very well. It can change completely from one second to another. With the hope of a change in the weather and the will to win the money to donate it to a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), they still started the race. 

For them and 2400 other intrepid runners, the 8.5-km long course lay ahead of them, which led them along the three beaches of the city. What the runners did not know - the running course was about to turn into an adventure route in the course of the run.  
As soon as our colleagues got used to the rain, the situation worsened so much that they could only see a few meters away. Even when puddles the size of a swimming pool were already lining the track, giving up was not an option for our team. 

After a 45-minute fight

After a 45-minute fight against the weather, our team crossed the finish line. Soaking wet but happy. They were already awaited there by cheering spectators covered under a sea of umbrellas. 

After a well-deserved hot shower, our team celebrated its victory against the weather and the good placement with typical Spanish pinxtos and a good glass of wine. We are proud of our colleagues and congratulate them on their performance and stamina.

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