IPS Implants® Preprosthetic


IPS Implants® Preprosthetic

The IPS® family now includes IPS Implants® Preprosthetic. The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Hannover Medical School (MHH) has developed a functionally stable framework implant. It is manufactured using a 3D laser melting process. Since 2015, more than 25 patients have already opted for IPS Implants® Preprosthetic and can benefit from the advantages of the new immediate dental rehabilitation. The clinic's cooperation partner is the KLS Martin Group.

Conventional, dental implantology is an established option for dental rehabilitation, as long as the individual bone and soft tissue are sufficient. In the case of major tissue loss or replacement, however, conventional methods are limited. This is precisely where the new possibilities with IPS Implants® Preprosthetic offer an excellent extension to achieve functionally stable immediate dental rehabilitation independent of the jaw region.

The implant offers high stability with comparatively moderate treatment costs and significantly shorter treatment duration.
IPS Implants® Preprosthetic can be individually adapted to the patient situation by means of shape-free fabrication in combination with conventional fabrication procedures. The framework structure and the post length can be individually adapted to the defect situation. The useful supra structure can be fixed to the posts using a rotation-stable cone with or without screws.