run&fun 2019 - we did it


02.07.2019 | Company

run&fun 2019 – we did it!

Bright sunshine and 35°C in the shade.

Bright sunshine and 35°C in the shade. Not quite simple conditions for top sporting performance. However, our 47 runners were not impressed and faced their personal challenges. 

Run&fun and maximum summer temperatures. It already belongs together. And so this year's run&fun was also marked by heat. Before fighting the heated running track, competitors and the sun, a veal sausage breakfast and cool drinks provided a solid basis. Already before the start of the first run our runners were in high spirits.

Chiron 5 x 1390-m Business Relay Race

Chiron 5 x 1390-m Business Relay Race

At 15:00 o'clock it was time for our first two teams with the starting numbers 341 and 342 to start the Chiron Business Relay. At the race start 33 other teams were waiting to be beaten. At the end our two relay groups reached place 6 and place 21 and therefore mastered the first challenge of the running day.

5000-m run Karl Storz

Encouraged by the performance of their colleagues, another seven lone fighters were at the start of Karl Storz's 5-km race 60 minutes later and found themselves in a huge cluster of about 390 runners. After less than 22 minutes our first runner Thomas Roser crossed the finish line as second runner in his age group. Four minutes later our fastest woman of this race, Anke Freyer, followed. She won the race in her age group. Congratulations on your performance.

10-km run by the KLS Martin Group

10-km run by the KLS Martin Group

Running 10-km can be quite exhausting - even under normal environmental conditions. What it feels like to cover this distance under the external circumstances, as they were at the weekend, does not have to be mentioned. However, 24 of our runners accepted the challenge. The event organizers provided some cooling on the track with water sprinklers. According to the motto "completely exhausted but happy" our runners reached the finish line. One of them was even able to run her personal best time and after a little over 43 minutes reached the finish line as fastest woman and first of our employees. Congratulations on your performance, dear Maria.

With this highlight the first day of run&fun ended, where we made our motto of this year "we give everything for those who give everything" come to life. All runners, colleagues who came to support us and of course family members ended the day in a good mood.

Aesculap Half Marathon and Hammerwerk Fridingen Walking

Aesculap Half Marathon and Hammerwerk Fridingen Walking

On the second day not only the length of the running track was increased, but also the temperatures. The motivation and the sportive ambition also outdid the temperatures on Sunday and so Guido Mattes started the Aesculap half marathon at 9:25 a.m.. With a time interval of 5 minutes our walkers got their walking sticks ready and did not start with less vigour the 11.5 km long walking distance ahead of them. All runners arrived at the finish with great times and mastered their personal challenges.

Our Highlights

Video our highlights of run&fun 2019

We would like to congratulate all runners on their achievements! 

"Fun" was not only for our runners but also for the visitors.

"Fun" was not only for our runners but also for the visitors. In our visitor tent there was a lot to discover during the whole event. At our Dr. Martin everyone interested could prove their surgical abilities by using their flair. For those who, like us, have discovered their surgical passion, our SonicWeld Rx® was also available. At this station, holes were drilled on a skull model and our resorbable pins were placed. The supporting program was provided by the magician and balloon artist flow, who created the suiting balloon shape for everyone.

Finally we would like to thank all runners, helpers and organizers who made this great event possible. After the race is before the race. See you again next year.

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