Simplified and  time-saving mandibular reconstruction


01.06.2019 | Company

Simplified and time-saving mandibular reconstruction

Workshops to practice complex surgical situations

Workshops are designed to practice complex surgical situations in a safe environment and thus improve one's skills. This opportunity was used by 20 ENT medical students to improve their knowledge of mandibular reconstruction. 

Mandibular defects, possibly due to tumors considerably impair the patient’s quality of life, not only physiologically but also psychologically. If the bone needs to be removed, it is a demanding challenge to return the mandible to its original anatomical shape and restore functional and aesthetic aspects. A fibula graft is often used for reconstruction. One of the difficulties is to osteotomize the straight bone in such a way that the anatomical shape of the mandible can be restored. To facilitate the procedure and support the surgeon, we have developed a system of reusable resection guides, the L1® Mandible ReconGuide.

The resection guides were also included in the system that the medical students received for the workshop, which took place as part of a training of the "Vereniging Chirurgie voor Medisch Studenten". In addition to the instruments, plastic bone models as well as implants for graft fixation were provided. After a short introduction, the students went directly to the practical implementation. They were supported by colleagues from our Dutch subsidiary Martin Nederland/Marned B.V. and our Area Manager Malvin Debono. Here you will find some impressions of the practical workshop part. 

We enjoyed the exchange with the students and the cooperation with VCMS very much and can look back on a successful workshop. Dank je wel!