HF disposable accessories | smartOne®
HF disposable accessories | smartOne®


HF disposable accessories smartOne®

We offer you an extensive range of instruments in the field of monopolar disposable accessories. This includes smartOne® Vac, smartOne® Handles and smartOne® Electrodes.


smartOne® VAC

smartOne® VAC

smartOne® VAC handles with integrated fume extraction filter the harmful fumes directly in the operating field. The telescopic function gives the surgeon maximum flexibility with ergonomic design. Unique flue gas electrodes for use in numerous indications to ensure clean air and clear view in the OR.

smartOne® HF handles

smartOne® HF handles

The smartOne® handles in ergonomic design in the variants: Hand activation via push button or rocker switch. The 3-pin plug allows a versatile use. The teflon-coated electrodes prevent the tissue from sticking and thus reduce the operating time.

smartOne® electrodes

smartOne® electrodes

A wide range of different shapes and lengths with integrated hexagon guarantee the highest level of safety in the operating theatre. Due to form rings, the electrodes can be easily exchanged. The Teflon coating prevents tissue from sticking to the electrode and reduces the intraoperative cleaning effort of the OR staff.

smartOne® Micro Dissection Needles

smartOne® Mikro Dissection Needles

The safe and easy solution for oralmaxillofacial, plastic and dental surgery!

Precision at its finest

The smartOne® micro dissection needle electrodes are especially for fine and small incisions. Due to the fine tip of the electrodes, it is possible to precisely prepare the tissue before insertion of the implant.

nonStick tungsten material

All smartOne® micro dissection needles are made of tungsten. This innovative material prevents the tissue from attaching, thus avoiding undesired bleeding

Full power with low settings

Due to the fine tip and special coating, it is possible to work with low settings on the electrosurgery device.
Through micro dissection needles, the user can work with a power setting of maximum 50 W.
The perfect solution of saving the tissue of the patient.

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