Individual OR Solutions

Individual OR Solutions
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marWorld® | Individual OR solutions from a single source

Patient numbers are increasing, as are deadline and cost pressures. Medical technology and surgical techniques are developing at a rapid pace. Hygiene requirements are being upgraded. Quality assurance is becoming more and more important. To be able to operate economically in the long term, it is essential to modernize or expand operating theaters accordingly.

Such complex projects in turn create new challenges. The aim is to combine different products, to find new room solutions and to unite the many project participants. A good reason to take advantage of our expertise. As a manufacturer with many years of experience in medical technology, we will support you in all project phases. Our planning is always guided by your benefit. The basis for this is formed by a common understanding of our tasks and objectives.

Building operating rooms made easy

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Optimal moderation between planners and users

Complex projects often develop their own dynamics during the course of planning, and these can lead to rescheduling and additional costs. To avoid this unnecessary extra work from the outset, we divide your project into the three sub-areas consulting, planning and realization that interlink perfectly.

Your prime advantage: with us you have only one contact person for all the parts of your project. This ensures that all tasks are bundled and processed by a single source and moderated between all the project participants such as architects, specialist planners, engineers and medical technicians.

This gives all participants a common understanding of the project‘s progress and enables them to work towards a common goal. This avoids time-consuming and costly rescheduling and achieves efficient solutions.

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User-oriented consulting leads to faster results

Benefit from our profound expertise in all specialist disciplines. Our employees visit operating theaters and hospitals daily and are therefore very familiar with in-house processes. This pays dividends when planning your project!

Together with the users we develop the optimum for a clearly structured and highly efficient working environment. To achieve this, we conduct interviews and determine the needs and requirements of your project. The results form the planning basis for all other project participants such as the architects and engineers.


Scope of consulting

  • Basic analysis – conducting user interviews
  • Know-how alignement – our experience with standards/guidelines and medical devices serves as a planning basis
  • Feasibility study – to ensure that wishes and expectations fit the budget
  • Target definition – final specification profile
  • Workflow optimization – coordination of routes, bottlenecks and intersections
  • Zone planning – for smooth workflows in the OR


Your benefits

  • User-oriented determination of individual processes and requirements
  • Translation of user requests into feasible planning specifications
  • Profound basis for all project participants
  • Comprehensive consulting in every phase of the project
  • Creation of a clearly structured and highly efficient working environment
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More efficiency through virtual representation prior to actual implementation

Right from the start, our planning is based on your specifications and requirements. We consider your operational organizational concerns and combine them adequately with medical and building technology as well as architectural requirements.

From the draft version to the virtual representation with an inspection tour, we enable you to check the planned rooms true to the original – long before they are constructed. This results in a common understanding for a congruent coordination that avoids later modifications. This will save you considerable time and prevents additional costs from occurring in the first place!


Scope of planning

  • 3D concept design based on the initial rough drafts with definitive 3D layout
  • Technical space planning and interface definition for the individual services
  • Creation of the working drawings and the project schedules
  • Coordination and execution of planning meetings and workshops
  • Process and logistics simulation to safeguard investment decisions
  • Project management
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Precisely prefabricated – for consistently high quality

No matter where in the world you need a customized room concept for your OR, marWorld® will always give you high quality. This is ensured by modular, custom-fit products that we prefabricate completely in certified production facilities in compliance with strict quality criteria. After delivery on site, installation is performed according to the modular principle in coordination with the on-site trades.

Already equipped today for tomorrow with marWorld®

Medical technology and surgical techniques continue to advance. marWorld® gives you the reassurance of being able to keep pace with future developments at all times. Thanks to the modular system, technical innovations can be integrated easily. Future modifications or extensions can also be carried out quickly and dust-free. And this also applies to any service and repair work.


Scope of realization

  • Clarification of responsibilities
  • Execution and detailed planning
  • Construction planning, timelines
  • Delivery of prefabricated goods
  • Custom-fit products, quality control
  • Handover/commissioning/training
  • Sustainability


Your benefits

  • Consistently high quality due to prefabricated modules
  • Short construction times
  • Dust-free installation and reduced building noise
  • Less downtimes
  • Flexible modular system – can be expanded at any time


marWorld® | System components

  • Wall systems with integrated process channels
  • Door systems
  • Ceiling systems
  • Ambient lighting (LED, RGB)
  • Terminal air supply and extraction systems
  • Hatches and lock systems
  • Wall-integrated cabinet solutions
  • Functional furniture
  • OR control panel
  • X-ray viewer
  • Surgical hand washing station
  • marLED® operating lights
  • Independant® ceiling pendants
  • maXium® workstation for electrosurgery

Individual OR solutions marWorld® in 360 degrees

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