Sterilization container - system microStop gogreen
Sterilization container - system microStop

Sterilization containers


Our microStop® sterilization containers can be sterilized as often as you like. And as no consumables are required at all, microStop® cuts down on your waste considerably, thus helping preserve the environment too.

Product portfolio

The innovative microStop® sterile container system scores by dispensing with any form of consumable materials. Furthermore, the geometry and choice of material has been defined to match the needs of processing units for medical devices and this makes the container a safe companion for years. The product portfolio of the full aluminum containers includes all common sizes. With a total of 13 different sizes and 5 colors, no wishes are left open.

Sterile barrier

microStop® sterilization container

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Sterilization container - microStop video

The MicroStop® sterile barrier is a flow inhibition system based on a principle discovered by Louis Pasteur. With a separation efficiency of 99.99997%, it offers significantly better protection against microbes and particles than any filter.
For unlimited use. Guaranteed!

Lid material

Sterilization container - system microStop Deckel 7

Our lid is made of PPSU high performance plastic. Resistance to any kind of deformation make the lid the most process-safe type of its kind. We were even able to successfully prove resistance to several rinse aids. Just ask us.

Greencheck® and treatment indicator

Greencheck® is a safety system that tells you at a glance whether the container has actually been sterilized or not. The red-green indicator is based on the function of the bimetallic coil, which turns from red to green under the heat of the sterilization process. Accidental opening can be recognized immediately because the treatment indicator turns back to red as soon as the opening button is pressed.

Logistics component

Sterilization container - microStop color coding

All sterilization containers are available color-coded. The KLS Martin principle is always to use the front panels of containers. Even attaching of coding labels is practical because the quick-change function is a slide-in design. Coding labels can be printed with text, a barcode, or a data matrix. Our containers are laser-marked with the item number of the complete container, the bottom and the lid. Reorders are therefore no problem.


Greencheck® and opening of a microStop® container

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Sterilization container - system greencheck and opening of a microStop container video

Function control and inserting barrier microStop® container

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Sterilization container - system function control and inserting barrier microStop container

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