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Surgical laser systems

Venex 360° | EVLO

The gentle system for endovenous laser occlusion (EVLO).

So-called stripping is the conventional procedure for removing varices. Here, the varicose veins are pulled out using a Babcock probe. This sounds harsh, and it is.

diomax® EVLO

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diomax® EVLO

EVLO | An excellent alternative to conventional surgical procedures

Surgical Laser Systems - diomax Venex 360 EVLO display

The endovenous laser occlusion with our Venex system is considerably more caring and patient-friendly.

This minimally invasive outpatient procedure uses the energy of the laser beam to close the affected veins.

This eliminates pathological refluxes.

With the radial emitting laser fiber VENEX 360°, we offer the ideal treatment set for phlebology.

Venex 360° fibers

Surgical Laser Systems - diomax Venex 360

With this gentle technique of occluding saphenous veins, the laser light is emitted radially. This has the advantage that the distance to the vein wall - the target of the light energy - is much shorter.

Thanks to the radial radiation profile, the treatment is demonstrably gentler and side-effects are kept to an absolute minimum.

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