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Leasing or Hire Purchase?

finance purchase vs. financing options

Especially when it comes to the acquisition of investment-intensive surgical equipment, you are in a dilemma as clinic manager, purchaser or administrative manager. On the one hand there are financial and economic goals, on the other hand you want to create the best possible and progressive working environment for your patients, but also for your doctors and your clinic staff through technological progress in order to sustainably maintain and advance your company in a constantly growing demographic environment.

With our financing solutions you will achieve all your goals without losing financial flexibility and at the same time create a modern hospital environment.

Financing through leasing


  • You neither burden your credit line nor your balance sheet and remain flexible for further investments.

Planning security / Pay as you Earn - with full cost transparency

  • You distribute the acquisition costs including installation costs and potential service costs over the useful life at fixed, predictable rates and pay these with the income you generate during the use of the devices/infrastructure.


  • You work with the latest equipment and can react quickly to new trends by creating flexibility.

Financing by hire purchase

Balance sheet capitalization for subsidies

  • You can use the hire purchase to capitalize the acquired assets in your balance sheet in a way that is relevant to subsidies.

Balance sheet capitalization for depreciation

  • Using balance sheet capitalization, you can depreciate the tangible assets acquired through hire purchase. 

Transfer of ownership

  • At the end of the term, you automatically become the owner.


We will be happy to inform you personally about our financing concepts and work with you to find a solution that is individually tailored to your needs. 

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Request financing offer now
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