Surgical Innovation is our Passion

True to our slogan "Surgical Innovation is our Passion" we have set new benchmarks in many fields. One example is distractors which enable guided bone growth for regeneration and the healing of serious injuries and deformations. The innovative SonicWeld Rx® ultrasonic procedure and resorbable implants eliminate the need for a second operation and reduce stress on the patient. Or the holistic Individual Patient Solutions, which bring the virtual work flow into clinical reality and enable customized implants for patients. In the field of electrosurgery and laser surgery we have made a particular mark with the maXium® electrosurgical device, re-usable systems for vascular sealing and the Limax® laser for metastasis surgery.

Our core competencies


We have been conducting research into resorbable implant materials since 1993. In 2000 the Resorb x® product range was introduced, the first resorbable implants available on the market. We have steadily developed from a medical technology company primarily involved in metal-working to experts in a wide range of materials. Now our primary field is research and development, both with traditional materials such as titanium and steel, and also with resorbable and non-resorbable polymers and polymer compounds.

Innovative technologies

The point of view must be changed in order to find a new access. This thought is the basis of our search for new technology and innovation. Every day. And this is exactly why we have taken a leading position in many areas of medical technology.

Such as oral and maxillofacial surgery. With the SonicWeld Rx® process. It is setting new standards in osteosynthesis. The welding process supported by ultrasonic technology anchors the resorbable material deep inside the bone structure, resulting in three-dimensional primary stability on an unprecedented scale. This process was originally used in the woodworking industry. The ultrasonic device is used to bond to layers of wood with thermoplastic pins. The pins replace screws and nails.

Production depth

Our production capacities extend from traditional metal-working processes such as milling and turning to coating technology, surface machining and new shaping processes such as injection molding and additive manufacturing. And we can do all this under clean room conditions if necessary.

Software development

The development of software has become a core competency in our company. In the field of electromedicine we combine highly specialized engineering expertise in the general field of electrosurgery and laser surgery. We have a team of highly qualified IT, electronic and laser physics engineers and we invest an above-average proportion of our budget in research and development.

We have developed new software solutions with Individual Patient Solutions (IPS®) for the field of implants. Customized implants are required quickly and must be ready within a few days. Moreover, it is necessary to get many different people in the hospital and at KLS Martin involved in the preparation of a customized implant. To this end we have developed the IPS Gate® digital communications platform. All persons involved in the designing, ordering and shipping of a customized implant can work together using this platform. The implant is prepared quickly and efficiently, which means that the patient is treated faster. In addition, the IPS CaseDesigner® program allows the surgeon to practice the operation on the computer before the actual procedure on the patient. This enables any difficulties to be identified before surgery, which will improve the probability of the success of the operation and also improve patient safety.

Research cooperation

Research cooperations

Typically, our products are developed in close collaboration with medical experts from all over the world. Our joint interest is to develop simpler, faster, better and more patient-friendly techniques. 

A good example for such a successful collaboration between medical specialists and KLS Martin is our close cooperation with the S.O.R.G. (Strasbourg Osteosynthesis Research Group). The group was founded in 1988 by several leading specialists with the goal to establish the mini-plate osteosynthesis as the worldwide golden standard. This goal has been reached in cooperation with KLS Martin as the industrial partner. The group is now dealing with other path-breaking issues, thus continuing to make important contributions to the progress of medicine.


Numerous scientific articles about our products have been published in international journals.

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