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In hand surgery, we not only offer plate osteosynthesis systems for treating common indications such as, for example, metacarpal fractures, but we also offer products which help to achieve good results in difficult non-everyday situations. This is exemplified with products such as the FlowerPlate for mediocarpal partial arthrodesis.

Our goal is to simplify hand surgery operations with intelligent system solutions in order to ensure optimal surgical outcomes for the benefit of the patient. Together with renowned groups of authors, we translate new ideas into innovative products and are constantly enhancing them. 

Based on the principle of multidirectional locking plate osteosynthesis, our goal was to treat nearly all types of hand and wrist fractures with an easy-to-use and clearly structured system.

We see ourselves as genuine partners – both for everyday challenges and for special challenges.


The requirement for designing the new generation of osteosynthesis products for hand surgery was to create a complete portfolio of anatomically pre-shaped plates but nonetheless reduce to the essentials. As an example, this was achieved by employing universal drill holes for free placing of standard or fixed-angle screws. Other characteristics, such as surface treatments, adapted to the indication field round off the high quality portfolio - convince yourself!


The latest generation of smartDriveR screws provides both standard and locking screws with double threads for the first time. In addition, all screws are equipped with atraumatic screw tip. Of course, the smartDriveR screws also exhibit the T8 with self-retaining function that has been established for decades. The product range is complemented by locking pins.


We have made it our objective to design color-coded instruments which are easy and efficient to use. As a result, the radius plate system consists of only four instruments. 
Another concern was the development of instruments especially designed to suit the anatomy of the hand, for example, the reduction forceps illustrated on the right. 

Storage System

In designing the storage tray the focus was not only on easy handling but also on optimization of reprocessing capability, in order to meet the requirements of all those involved. Apart from the option of conventional storage, the entire LINOS system is also available
with sterile packed implants.

Our Plates and screws

Phalanges and Metacarpals


Multidirectional locking hand fracture system


Treatment and internal fixation of fractures of the distal, middle and proximal phalanges as well as the metacarpals, especially of 

  • Transverse, oblique and spiral fractures and fractures near joints with and without joint involvement 
  • Shaft, comminuted and luxation fractures 
  • Avulsion fractures 
  • Arthrodeses and reconstructive procedures in the hand area 

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduced but nonetheless complete range of plates
  • 2 profile thicknesses available (0,8 mm/ 1,2 mm)
  • Color codation according to profile
  • Anatomical pre-shaped design ensures high strength due to the reduced amount of bending 
  • Rounded, atraumatic contour to protect the soft tissue 
  • Universal plate hole geometry
  • Standard and locking screws can be used in every plate hole
  • Flexible with regard to choice of screw type
  • Screw diameters 1.5/2.0/2.3 mm
  • Free combinability leads to a best possible treatment option for every fracture
  • Compression hole and elongated K-wire hole in every plate for a secure closure of the fracture gap



For Mediocarpal Partial Arthrodesis


Treatment of degenerative or post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the carpus

  • FCF fusion
  • STT fusion
  • SLC fusion
  • CMC fusion
  • SC fusion

Features and Benefits:

  • Small plate size and delicate, concave shape prevents impingement at the dorsal edge of the radial bone and allows positioning below bone level
  • Low plate profile reduces the amount of bone to be removed
  • Anatomically pre-shaped plate design ideally matched to the carpal bones, thus enabling accurate positioning
  • Rounded, atraumatic plate contour for optimal embedding in soft tissue with maximum preservation
  • Integrated center hole allows the introduction of additional cancellous bone
  • To be fixed with 2.0 mm or 2.3 mm Standard / Locking Screws

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