L1 Rib: featuring CB3 technology

The L1 Rib System featuring CB3 technology showcases our passion for surgical innovation in the treatment of rib fractures. This unique system was designed with careful consideration to expert feedback while incorporating innovative ideas and engineering.

A smart shape based on average patient data

Each of the products that KLS Martin develops address the same goal, to restore the patient’s bone through uneventful healing  after surgery. Any osteosynthesis solution needs to easily be applied to each rib. This is challenging as each rib’s curvature, length and surface contour varies greatly.

We analyzed the average data and developed a smart shape with complex geometry that was adaptable to each of these variables.

Simple and Adaptable

The two main designs in the L1 Rib system, Z and X shape CB3 plates, are shown here. These smart shape adaptable designs enable the same plates to be applied to any rib shape, decreasing inventory and improving overall system ease of use.


A Different Approach

Traditional bicortical fixation requires careful drilling, depth measurement and screw placement, all of which must consider any risk to the anatomical structures beyond the inner cortex.

Through the use of patent pending technology called Convergent Biaxal fixation or “CB3”, secure osteosynthesis is possible using single length, drill-free, monocortical locking screws.

This design concept, combined with an optimized plate selection, results in a system that helps eliminate risk, increase operative efficiency and provide excellent fixation for rib fractures.

Note that the CB3 requires only one depth of screw instead of using a series of lengths to match the measured depth of each area of a rib. This simplifies the application and ease of use.


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