L1® MI Orthognathics – Web Training Courses

Training Concept​​​​​​​

L1® MI Orthognathics – Web Training Courses

The novel L1® MI Orthognathics concept is based on more than 20 years of clinical experience and continuous research, education and innovation towards decreasing patient morbidity in orthognathic surgery. This high-end individualized online course is exclusively limited to 4 surgeons (with potential joining of their individual nurse) to guarantee the high quality and interactivity of the course. Attendees will be online trained in all aspects of the L1® MI Orthognathics concept with the focus on intensive, individualized surgical training in using the codes, the sequences, the L1® MI Orthognathics instruments and “step-by-step” surgical techniques (MI Chin, MI Le Fort 1, MI SSO) towards minimally invasive orthognathic surgical techniques.


Duration: 1 day (09:00h - 16:00h)

Online (through secure “Microsoft Teams” platform ONLY with personal user login)

Participation fee: 400.00€ */**

*includes the surgeons fee / free of charge for one additional nurse pro surgeon 

**surgeons who have participated to the Web Training Course, will have a reduced fee (200.00€ discount) towards the L1® MI Orthognathics – Hands-On Training Courses.


+ L1® MI Orthognathics “concept”, “surgical codes” and “sequences”

+ MI Chin “step-by-step” surgical technique

+ MI Le Fort I “step-by-step” surgical technique

+ MI Sagittal Split Osteotomy “step-by-step” surgical technique

+ MI Transfer with IPS splints and IPS implants of the IPS CaseDesigner® virtual planning

+ L1® MI Orthognathics “anaesthesiological” and clinical relevant “adjuvant” considerations

+ L1® MI Orthognathics “cost-efficiency” considerations (surgical/ nursing staff, sterilization, hospital)


+ “Step-by-step” individual teaching including high-resolution realistic phantom videos 

+ Online “live-stream” interactive discussions

+ Online “live-stream” demonstrations on a realistic phantom model to answer individual questions

+ Potential of personal nurse to participate during the entire course


Click here to watch the YouTube Video

Planned dates 

May 15, 2021 - Fully booked

June 26, 2021

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For all participants from the EU

Verification of entrepreneurial status according to council directive 2008/8/EC

Cancellation policy

Cancellation by course organizer

  • The course organizer reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the course non-viable.
  • If the organizer cancels a course, registrants will be offered a full refund of registration fees. 
  • Should circumstances arise that result in postponement of a course, the organizer has the right to either issue a full refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new, future date. 

Registration cancellation by participant

  • The deadline to receive a refund for your registration is 21 business days before the course. 
  • Registration cancellations received prior to the deadline may be eligible to receive a refund less a service fee of €100,-.
  • Cancellations received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Refunds will not be available for registrants who choose not to attend the course. 
  • Cancellations will be accepted in writing only and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline. When writing your cancellation please include the details of your credit card or bank details (SWIFT / IBAN). 

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