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Last year we founded KLS Martin de México S.A. de C.V based in Mexico City to support our local distributors in marketing and sales of our products within the Latin American market.

We always strive for improving our products and services. This can be done the easiest when we are close to customers as well as distributors and therefore within the market. That was one reason, why we decided to found a subsidiary in Mexico. Furthermore, we wanted to build up a local instance, which supports our distributors in their marketing efforts and is at their disposal for consultation. 

However, founding a subsidiary in Mexico is a long process, with various governmental institutions involved. To be able to found a subsidiary several requirements must be met. Just to name a few:
First of all, a physical place must be found. This office again must then fulfill several regulatory aspects, like having a warehouse. A further requirement is having dedicated people for quality management as well as having defined and documented processes, so that the company can be audited properly.

After all, we made it and our office is up and running. Here are some impressions of our work within the last months. 


We are very happy about the foundation of KLS Martin de México S.A. de C.V. and are looking forward to the improved cooperation with our distributors and therefore being able to serve our end customers better together.

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